Advocacy Agenda

2024 Agenda

The Florida Manufacturing & Supply Chain Advocacy Council is a coalition of manufacturing champions across the state of Florida united to elevate the issues that are most important to their manufacturing stakeholders. Its members collaborate to identify the advocacy agenda below and support the most pressing issues for the industry.

  1. Support the Florida Manufacturing & Supply Chain Caucus.
  2. Support the development of a long-term strategic plan that will facilitate the growth and advancement of manufacturing in this state and enhance the competitive position of Florida in the national and international economy. Plan should grow high-tech jobs, provide necessary workforce training, strengthen the supply chain and logistics resiliency, promote new technologies and innovations, or incentivize the onshoring of manufacturing to Florida.
  3. Invest in training and jobs programs: Prioritize investments in customized training, earn-to-learn apprenticeship programs, and training infrastructure (i.e. equipment, facilities, etc.) that target 21-century skills to fill high wage, high-skill career vacancies in advanced manufacturing. 
  4. Support Florida supply chain initiatives: Promote initiatives that encourage use and development of local suppliers and one that contributes to developing a more robust and resilient system of supply for the state.
  5. Strengthen the resilience of Florida’s manufacturing sector:  Invest in initiatives focused on accelerating the adoption and use of advanced digital technologies (Industry 4.0) – such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, data analytics, supply chain integration – and direct those investment at increasing the productivity and technological performance of Florida’s manufacturing industry.