Florida Legislature Manufacturing & Supply Chain Caucus

The Advocacy Council was proud to spearhead the creation of the first ever Florida Legislature Manufacturing & Supply Chain Caucus. Read more about the Caucus below.

Caucus Charter

Manufacturers across the state are major employers for our families, incredible community partners, and play a significant role in driving our economy. As Florida continues its record-breaking economic growth, we know that manufacturing is one of the key drivers behind much of our success, and most recently, it has remained a bedrock of strength for our state’s recovery from the pandemic. 

We are proud to support these job creators and innovators through a Florida Legislature Manufacturing and Supply Chain Caucus.

Statement of Purpose

It is the mission of the Caucus to enable our members to collectively ensure that Florida’s manufacturers are properly represented in the Legislature. 

The Caucus will

  • Promote and broaden awareness of the societal, educational and economic benefits made possible by Florida manufacturing and its attendant supply chain;
  • Illustrate the breadth of policy issues and public and private interests impacted by Florida manufacturing; 
  • Serve as an ongoing information resource for members of the Legislature and their staff; and
  • Exchange ideas and information with manufacturers, state and federal agencies, universities and research institutions, professional and institutional societies and organizations, and the Executive Office of the Governor.

Policy Objectives

  1. Support state investment in Florida manufacturing, supply chain and logistics.
  2. Support strong and sustained policy and funding for Florida manufacturing in appropriations and policy bills.
  3. Support more ways to move university research opportunities into commercialization or applications that serve societal and industry needs.
  4. Support the inclusion of manufacturing education curriculum for primary and secondary students.

2024 Caucus Members