Legislative Candidate Survey

The Advocacy Council surveyed all qualified candidates for Florida State House and Senate for the upcoming election on their opinions about manufacturing and related issues.

See survey questions below. 

Survey results coming soon!

Candidate Survey

  1. What are your top legislative priorities with regards to bringing jobs to your district?  
  2. What should the state do to ensure economic diversity and not rely on one industry?   
  3. What should the legislative branch do to support economic development?  
  4. What is the best way to ensure the state creates jobs for existing and new residents?  
  5. How should the state best invest in manufacturing and why?  
  6. Are there any manufacturers in the district that you would be interested in visiting to do a plant tour?  
  7. Would you be interested in joining the Florida legislature’s Manufacturing and Supply Chain Caucus?
  8. Would you welcome a follow-up meeting with FloridaMakes to discuss ways you can help the manufacturing industry in Florida, as well as an overview of our services to point constituents to if you’re elected?